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Production 1

replication-manager supports 2-node multi-master topology detection. It is required to declare it explicitely in the configuration.

replication-multi-master (2.0), multimaster (0.7)
Item Value
Description Enable Master-Master topology
Type boolean
Default Value false

You just need to set one preferred master.

We advise to enable restart of database in read-only mode to cover the case where a failed node tries to rejoin but can't be contacted anymore from replication-manager, in such case no write traffic will be enabled on the rejoining node. In a Multi DC split brain with a proxy on each side, we can simply ensure the split brain will not make the database diverge on each side.

MariaDB configuration file:

read_only = 1

This flag ensures that in case of split brain + leader crash, when old leader is reintroduced it will not show up as a possible leader for WRITES.

MaxScale configuration file:

Maxscale needs to be instructed to monitor multi-master, the following settings tracks the read-only flag and routes queries to the writable node.

[Multi-Master Monitor]