HTTP Client Usage

HTTP Client Usage

Once replication-manager is started in monitor mode, it provides an internal HTTP server to oversee your clusters.

Access it via pointing a web browser to http://localhost:10001.

By default it is bound to localhost. This can be changed via http-bind-address variable or command line flag to get remote access on the network.

Using replication-manager 2.1, secured connection is open via pointing a web browser to https://replication-manager-host:10005/.

It looks like this:


Starting with replication-manager 2.1 the http client can be secured via navigation to the https api port https://localhost:10005., this offer encryption on the wire and JWT tokens for identity tracking. The default credential is the apiUser credential so admin:repman but can be change per cluster.

Previously to replication-manager 2.1 The http dashboard has no protected access, use creativity to restrict access to it. Some login protection using http-auth = true is deprecate. We advice not to used it but to protect via a web proxying authentication instead.

Sample nginx configuration providing secure access to the dashboard

server {
  server_name repman.dashboard;
  location / {
    auth_basic           "Login required";
    auth_basic_user_file conf/htpasswd;
    proxy_pass http://localhost:10001;