Extra Dependencies

Extra Dependencies

Version requirements

replication-manager is a self-contained binary, no extra system libraries are needed at the operating system level.

It is advised to use GTID for replication and following database versions:

  • MariaDB Version >= 10.0
  • MySQL Version >= 5.6

Internet Explorer Web browser is reported as not functioning with the http interface.

Extra Dependencies

If you plan to use replication-manager-tst for automatic bootstrap of a local cluster and run some tests, MariaDB Server 10.2 packages need to be installed.

  • Localhost regression testing

  • MariaDBShardProxy

  • HAProxy packages need to be installed to benefit from haproxy

  • Sysbench package is used for some non-regression tests

  • MariaDB or MySQL packages

replication-manager-tst can be setup with following configuration options:

mariadb-binary-path = "/usr/sbin"
haproxy-binary-path = "/usr/sbin/haproxy"