OpenSVC Collector API

The collector API is the oldest way to deployed services in OpenSVC , a more new way is via using the cluster API delivering http2 API from any agent node.

replication-manager is using a secure client API to the OpenSVC collector. This collector is used for posting actions to a cluster of agents, fetch cluster nodes information and uploading his own set of playbooks for provisioning.

The SAS collector can be used for faster testing or not to have to maintain an extra piece of infrastructure, if not possible, an evaluation version of the collector needs to be installed, or it can be installed co-located to replication-manager or on a separate machine.

replication-manager talks to the default SAS collector or it can be setup to talk to on premise collector via the following parameters:

opensvc-host (1.1)
Item Value
Description Address of the OpenSVC collector
Type String
Default ""
Example ""
opensvc-admin-user (1.1)
Item Value
Description Admin credential of the OpenSVC collector
Type String
Default "[email protected]:opensvc"
Example "[email protected]:secret"

To use the Signal18 SAS collector you need to login to and request for your evaluation or licence account.yaml file. Copy it into the share/opensvc directory of replication-manager-pro