replication-manager bundles some example configuration files located in etc places based on type of package installation.

Reuse a sample config or create a new config.toml file.

replication-manager binaries search for a default configuration file named config.toml in /etc/replication-manager or /usr/local/replication-manager/etc, any other file name can be specified with --config command line flag.

A config file is split in multiple sections [Default], [cluster1], [cluster2] ... each section represent a cluster.

[Default] is a special section: it is required, all variables in default section are applied and enforce to all clusters and it is the place to put replication-manager only variables like "monitoring-datadir, include ..." most variables are cluster based, so please define most variables under a cluster section unless you would like to force an infrastructure value.

Note that it's possible to have a single [Default] section that hold config for a unique one cluster deployment

Because a single config file is not convenient when managing many clusters, an include variable from the [Default] section : include = "/etc/replication-manager/cluster.d" can point an extra config directory . All *.toml files in include directory will be merge with your main config file

From replication-manager 2.1 User may wan't to change settings via API or GUIs and get such changes saved. To enable this the [Default] section should include the variable


Once enabled, setting changes will be persisted in the replication-manager working directory /var/lib/replication-manager/cluster_name/config.toml

Minimal configuration

This is a minimal configuration sample required to run replication-manager:

title = "ClusterTest"
db-servers-hosts = ","
db-servers-credential = "skysql:skyvodka"
replication-credential = "skysql:skyvodka"
failover-mode = "manual"

Copy a sample configuration file to config.toml auto loaded configuration:

Sample configuration for package

sudo cp /etc/replication-manager/etc/config.toml.sample.masterslave-haproxy /etc/replication-manager/config.toml

Sample configuration for archive

sudo cp /usr/local/replication-manager/etc/config.toml.sample.masterslave-haproxy /usr/local/replication-manager/etc/config.toml