replication-manager bundles some example configuration files located in in different places based on the previously selected package installation.

Use or create a config.toml file in the location explained in following section.

replication-manager binaries are looking for config.toml in ./ ./etc/replication-manager or /usr/local/replication-manager when nothing is specified in --config command line flag.

Minimal configuration

This is a minimal configuration sample required to run replication-manager:

title = "ClusterTest"
db-servers-hosts = ","
db-servers-credential = "skysql:skyvodka"
replication-credential = "skysql:skyvodka"
failover-mode = "manual"

Copy a sample configuration file to config.toml auto loaded configuration:

Sample configuration for package

sudo cp /etc/replication-manager/etc/config.toml.sample.masterslave-haproxy /etc/replication-manager/etc/config.toml

Sample configuration for archive

sudo cp /usr/local/replication-manager/etc/config.toml.sample.masterslave-haproxy /usr/local/replication-manager/etc/config.toml

It is possible to define multiple clusters via adding sections in the config.toml. A cluster section can also be defined in a seperate file and loaded via the include directive pointing to an extra directory from the main config file.