CMD Client Usage

CMD Client Usage

Command line switchover

Trigger replication-manager client to perform a switchover

replication-manager-cli switchover --cluster=test_cluster

Command line failover

Trigger replication-manager in non-interactive to perform a failover ,

replication-manager-cli failover --cluster="test_cluster"

Command line replication bootstrap

With some already existing database nodes but no replication setup in place, replication-manager enables you to initialize the replication on various topologies:

  • master-slave
  • master-slave-no-gtid
  • maxscale-binlog
  • multi-master
  • multi-tier-slave

replication-manager-cli --cluster="cluster_test_3_nodes" bootstrap --clean-all --topology="multi-tier-slave"

Command line cluster status

replication-manager-cli --cluster="cluster_test_3_nodes" status

Command line database in maintenance

replication-manager-cli server --id=9624235790336213315 --maintenance

replication-manager-cli topology

| Group: cluster_haproxy_masterslaveslave |  Mode: Manual
                 Id            Host   Port          Status   Failures   Using GTID         Current GTID           Slave GTID             Replication Health  Delay  RO
5641630519400684578   3317          Master          0           No          0-3317-3124                                                          0 OFF
9624235790336213315   3318     Maintenance          0    Slave_Pos          0-3317-3124          0-3317-3124                                     0  ON
3944708846436490796   3319           Slave          0    Slave_Pos          0-3317-3124          0-3317-3124                                     0  ON