Since version 1.1 replication-manager can manage Spider proxy for schema and table Sharding.

This type of linked table proxy preserve transaction consistency across shard group, transactions can be run against multiple shard clusters. Joins queries can be achieved inter shard.

This is done using Spider storage engine

replication-manager discovering the master tables on startup and maintain link to master during failover and switchover.

For every cluster definition you wan't to proxy add extra MariaDBShardProxy configuration:

shardproxy (2.0)
Item Value
Description Enable Driving mdbshardproxy.
Type boolean
Default Value false
shardproxy-servers (2.0)
Item Value
Description Comma separated list of the mdbshardproxy hosts.
Type String
Default Value ""
shardproxy-credential (1.0)
Item Value
Description Credential to connect to mdbshardproxy.
Type String
Default Value "root:mariadb"

Testing Configuration

Give a path to MariaDB 10.3 or Spiral Spider if you would like replication-manager-tst to bootstrap a local MariaDBShardProxy.

mariadb-binary-path (0.7)
Item Value
Description Full path to mdbshardproxy binary.
Type String
Default Value "/usr/local/mariadb"

This instance will use a default configuration file in


In local wrapper mode replication-manager never stop proxies to avoid disturbing the workload:)