Service Plan

From replication-manager 2.1 a service plan can be used to enable pre cap cluster resource deployment. In this scenario external API can be used to select a plan and a placement to external available orchestrator clusters

A list of plans can be exposed inside some external API:

If a plan is set for a cluster, replication-manager auto set provisioning variables for the resources describe by the plan
Using ACL replication-manager can restrict later user change of such resources.

Clusters and nodes selection will be enable via an external API that will send such request

in: {"region": "eu", "n_instances": 2, "req_cpu": 2, "req_mem": "100g", "req_swap": 0}

And is waiting for similar answers

resp: [{"cluster_id": , "cluster_name": "cl1", "nodes": [{"nodename": "node1", "az": "fr1"}, {"nodename": "node2", "az": "de1"}, ...]}, {"cluster_id": , "cluster_name": "cl2", "nodes": [{"nodename": "node1", "az": "it1"}, {"nodename": "node2", "az": "cz1"}, ...]}, ...]

ACL describe how replication-manager interact with user for placement prov-placement-manual prov-placement-first prov-placement-interactive