Multi Tier Slaves

Support Status Test Case
Experimental 0

replication-manager supports replication tree or relay slaves architecture, in case of master death one of the slaves under the relay is promoted as a master.

replication-manager does not manage when the relay server crash to replace it with a slave.

But in replication-manager 2.2 one can archive same goal using multi source, multi domains child clusters. All servers of the same tenant will be monitor and inter cluster replication will discovered, so creating replication from the leader of a tier cluster on the leader of a parent cluster, multi tiers topology can then be switchover and failover

  -> Cluster-1-Replicate-1/Cluster2-Leader
     -> Cluster-2-Replicate-1
     -> Cluster-2-Replicate-2
  -> Cluster-1-Replicate-2/Cluster-3-Leader
     -> Cluster-3-Replicate-1     
     -> Cluster-3-Replicate-2
replication-multi-tier-slave (2.0), multi-tier-slave (1.0)
Item Value
Description Enable relay slaves topology
Type boolean
Default Value false