Building from source

  • Download a Go release (Go 1.8 minimum): or use your system's release if >= 1.8
  • Create a build directory: mkdir -p ~/go
  • Point GOPATH environment variable to this directory: export GOPATH=~/go
  • Clone the source: go get
  • Compile and install: go install
  • Add the go binaries directory to your path: export PATH=$PATH:~/go/bin
  • Compile all binaries: make bin

Compilation flags

It is possible to disable features via the following tags

Flags Value
WithProvisioning ON/OFF
WithArbitration ON/OFF
WithArbitrationClient ON/OFF
WithProxysql ON/OFF
WithHaproxy ON/OFF
WithMaxscale ON/OFF
WithMariadbshardproxy ON/OFF
WithMonitoring ON/OFF
WithMail ON/OFF
WithHttp ON/OFF
WithSpider ON/OFF
WithEnforce ON/OFF
WithDeprecate ON/OFF
WithTargz ON/OFF